Love Slack but hate

the noise?

Signal collects what’s important from Slack and creates a personalized queue to help you catch up. Only the updates that matter to you and your role, minus all the noise. 

Not all messages are created equal

Important updates get lost in cat memes. Meeting summaries sit at the end of (long) threads. How do you pick what to watch or read, without it taking all day? 

“A dismal state I call inbox capture, in which essentially every moment of your workday becomes dedicated to keeping up with email, Slack, and Zoom meetings, with very little work beyond the most logistical and superficial actually accomplished — an incredibly wasteful form of economic activity.”

Easily send what matters to Signal

Easily signal the messages that matter inside Slack to add to your catch-up queue. Whether it’s a Loom video from your CEO, a written message or an image, easily add them to Signal. 

Zoom recordings and Google Slides support coming soon.

Microsoft Teams

Coming soon!

The early version of Signal is compatible with Slack but our next stop is Microsoft Teams.

We hope to be able to share this with you very soon. To be the first to try it out, add your email address below.

Give Signal a try today

Get access to the early version of Signal and start playing today. You can also join our Slack Community to give our Developers direct feedback. 

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We created Signal for everyone who’s ever felt like Rasmus